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"Welcome to Justice Healthcare Group where justified care is our main priority. We are a group of intensive care nurses and a pharmacist available to provide quality home health services to various communities in our Greater Houston Area. We communicate with physicians and other services in Texas in order to deliver the unique care required for Embracing Health and Balancing Life."

Justice Healthcare Group

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Welcome to Justice Healthcare Group,

A uniquely different home health agency serving the Greater Houston area. Justice Healthcare Group specializes in caring for heart failure patients requiring left ventricular assistance devices (VADs) in the comfort of their own home. Justice Healthcare Group takes pride in reducing hospital stays and re-admissions for heart conditions that once warranted care in a hospital. Traditional home health services are also offered by Justice Healthcare Group.

We work closely with physicians and other allied health professionals in order to deliver the unique care required for embracing health and balancing life. Activities of daily living are balanced by physician-guided, personalized care plans.

We believe education plays an important role in health and wellness. Knowledge is a powerful tool and we strive to educate patients and their families with each encounter. Our goal is to prevent the progression of disease by educating, supporting and caring for the patients we serve.

What else makes Justice Healthcare Group uniquely different? In addition to LVADs and traditional home health services Justice Healthcare Group offers:

Psychiatric nursing care
Circulatory support specialist to maintain VADs
Pharmacist on staff

Visit our services page for the full list of services we offer

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